@ts-ghost/content-api provides a strongly-typed TypeScript client to interract with the Ghost Content API based on Zod schemas passed through an APIComposer that exposes different resources and their read or browse methods (dependening on the resource) with params and output type-safety.

All the available options from the Ghost Content API are available here, filtering, ordering, pagination, selecting fields, modifiying output, etc...



This client is only compatible with Ghost versions 5.x for now.

  • Ghost 5.^ (Any Ghost version after 5.0)

  • Node.js 16+

    • We rely on global fetch being available, so you can bring your own polyfill and if you run Node 16, you'll need to run with the --experimental-fetch flag enabled.
  • TypeScript 5+, the lib make usage of const in generics and other TS5+ features.